want know cost of leaving @KL

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i am selected for a Product based company in KL with payroll of 9K ringgits.

I just want to know how it cost for leaving in KL and how much we save per month.

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Cost of Living - check on Numbeo to see this
Housing - www.iproperty.com.my
Tax will be 28% for remainder of 2018 and until July 2019 (non-resident rate).
This guide explains tax when classified as resident (i.e. after 182 days in tax year Jan-Dec)
https://www.pwc.com/my/en/publications/ … oklet.html

Once you are tax resident i.e. from July 2019 onwards if you spend RM2000 on rent you should be able to live on 1500 per month for food, bills and transport. Savings will depend on your lifestyle.

Thanks for your info.

Could you please explain more about Tax systems with my salary example (9k RM) , to understand clearly .

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9,000 tax 28% = deduction of 2520 = net salary of 6480 (non-resident tax)

9,000 stepped rates = deduction of 908 = net salary of 8092 from July 2019 (tax resident tax)

It is possible to have tax reassessed on the more preferable resident basis for both 2018 and Jan-Jul 2019 as long as no more than 14 days  (cumulatively) of personal absences (holidays) are taken Jan-Jul 2019.

This link explains https://www.pwc.com/my/en/assets/public … ooklet.pdf

Hi Gravitas , Again thank you very much for your Response .

I have few more Qs.,

As you mentioned ,
1) For first one year (non-resident tax) tax deduction is 2520 *12 = 30240
2) From second year onward , (resident tax)tax deduction is 908*12 =10896 .

My Qs.,

1) I am Disabled person with disability of 60 % , How much tax exemption for this category for both cases ( non-resident tax and resident tax )
2) when i will get my tax return that i have paid part non-resident tax ? and How much % of tax returns i will get from the same ? ( out 30240 , ??)

1) Resident gets 6,000 (per annum)*
2) Difference between non-resident rate and resident rate

* so 9,000 tax-free allowance + 6,000 disability allowance

Check out all the allowances on the tax brochure link

Hi Gravitas ,

So if i am a Resident then i no need to pay any Tax then as you mentioned 9K+6K = 15 k tax exemption is greater than Tax deduction .Is that correct ?
and also answer for my second Qs ?

Those are allowances per annum (per tax year - Jan-Dec). So you deduct 15,000 from annual salary to find taxable annual salary.

The tax refund is the difference between 28% (non-resident flat rate with no allowances) and the resident rate


Do be careful about how much (if anything) the EPF contribution from the employer is going to be. In Malaysia there are no rules covering foreigners and many employers pay as little as RM5 per month as they are not mandated to pay the statutory percentage which Malaysians receive.

OK Gravitas ,.ths for the valuable info

Hi Gravitas ,

i have one doubt !

Suppose , after 3 month of started to working in malaysia , if am getting anyither good oppertunity with other company , can i put paper in current company and proceed with the new company simply or i shud get NOC from my current employer ?  will thet give NOC simply or i need to take othr steps to continue with my new company with respect to VISA stands ?

Please clarify Gravitas .

EPs are not transferable and need cancelling when leaving employment.

Advice: work the first year on your first EP to avoid being blacklisted and blocked

Without a NOC, moving to another employer is impossible.

Gravitas ,

Here this is my situation .

A company wants me to work as a contract employee for 6 months and they want me to search myself after that in malyasia .

here is my doubt , so i need to cancel the VISA from the current employer and need to back to INDIA and need to search for the job or can i get NOC from current empoyer and join to new company there itself without cmg to INDIA ??

or what is the process ??

If your EP is only 6 months validity you can look for jobs and if successful change after 6 months. You wont need a NOC.  It is only if you want to break the contract that a NOC is required.  If you find a new job you will not have to exit  unless there is a gap in employment in which case you must remain legal immigration-wise and leave. Then same full recruitment process for new job (plus some tax paperwork required) and the VDR to enter to work for new company.

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