Trucs et astuces - Que faire en cas d'erreur I-94?


C'est surement connu de certains membres du forum mais j'ai été confronté à un problème lors de mon retour en France à LAX. Le I-94 de mon fils était totalement faux:
1/ Mauvais type visa (B2 au lieu de L2)
2/ Mauvaise date pour la fin du visa

C'est la première fois que ça m'arrive en 2 ans, l'officier a l'immigration devait être vraiment distrait  :)

Voici la procédure pour corriger ce genre de problème, il n'est pas nécessaire de se rendre en personne a l'immigration, un simple mail a cette adresse est suffisant (du moins si vous arrivez à LAX):

Bien entendu, vous devez scanner un certain nombre de documents, mais tout a été réglé une heure après avoir envoyé mon mail.
***Please follow the instructions below.  Failure to send ALL the required documents will result in your I-94 correction request not being processed***

Dear Traveler,

You have reached the Los Angeles Deferred Inspection Unit I-94 Correction Team.  Your I-94 inquiry has been received and it will be processed in the order it was received.  Please do not respond to this email unless you are submitting the below listed documents.

This email system is an I-94 correction resource for Los Angeles, CA (and surrounding areas) visitors, and/or passengers who arrived at the Los Angeles, John Wayne, Ontario International Airports and Los Angeles and Long Beach Seaports who are now at a different location (outside of Los Angeles).  If you arrived at a different port of entry AND are not visiting Los Angeles, please contact the nearest Deferred Inspection Unit within your area.  This information is available at: … tion-sites

The items listed below are required to process your I-94 correction (Please send only the items that apply to your current status):

1.  A completed affidavit (For ALL Inquires) Affidavit is attached to this email

2.  A copy of your passport biographical page (For ALL Inquires)

3.  A copy of your US non-immigrant visa AND admission stamp of your last arrival to the US (For ALL Inquires)

4.  SEVIS Form (For F-1 International Students and J-1 Exchange Visitors Only)

5.  I-797 Receipt from USCIS (For Work Visas Only)

6.  I-129S (For L-1 Visa Blanket Petitions Only)

7.  I-512 Advanced Parole Document (For Adjustment of Status Applicants Only)

8.  Refugee Airline Boarding Document (For Refugees Only)

9.  DHS G-28 - Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative (If Represented by an Attorney Only, Attached to this email)

Please re-submit your request with the above listed items to include a signed affidavit (electronic signatures will NOT be accepted). Scan and send your documents in PDF format and send only the items that apply to your current status.  Please be advised that some corrections may still require you to make a personal appearance at the Los Angeles Deferred Inspection Unit.

Your request will be processed only when all the required documents are received.  You will not receive a response when the corrections are done.  You will only be contacted if more information is needed (not listed above) and/or a personal appearance is required.

Please allow between 2-3 business days for updates/corrections to be processed.  You can check CBP's I-94 website at for your updated record.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Replacement I-94’s and validity of paper I-94’s

Q:  I arrived in the US prior to 2013 and was issued a paper I-94 but lost it.  How do I get a replacement?

A:  CBP stopped issuing paper I-94’s in May 2013 and the system became automated.  If you were issued a paper I-94 (May 2013 and older) and need a replacement, you can request a replacement with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) using Form I-102.   The form and instructions can be found at

Q:  I went to the California Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my Driver’s License and was told I needed an electronic I-94.  I only have the paper I-94.

A:  Non-immigrants who were issued paper I-94’s who are still in status (F-1 students) are not required to have an electronic I-94.  The paper I-94 is valid for the duration of your status and is valid proof of your admission .  If you encounter this problem at the DMV or Social Security Administration Offices, ask to speak to a supervisor and have the supervisor contact the Los Angeles Deferred Inspection Unit at 213-830-5972.

Q:  I received an I-94 from USCIS or ICE as a result of a parole or an extension of status.  How do I get an extension of my parole or a copy of the I-94?

A:  CBP is not responsible for the issuance or replacement of I-94’s that were issued by USCIS or another DHS component.  To request a copy of your I-94 issued by another DHS component, you must request it from the agency that issued you the I-94.

Extension of Status

Q:  When I arrived, the CBP officer limited my admission because my passport was expiring.  I renewed my passport while in the US and now have sufficient time to get a full admission.  Can I get my admission corrected?

A: No. CBP Deferred Inspection Offices are not responsible for providing extensions on admissions that were limited due to passport validity. Admitted until dates limited because of passport validity are not CBP errors.  CBP cannot give you an admission for a passport you did not present during the inspection process.  To receive the full admission date based on your new passport, you must depart the US and re-enter using the new passport OR you can file an extension of your current non-immigrant admission with USCIS using form I-539.  The form and instructions can be found at

Travel History Errors

Please be advised that CBP documents travel from a variety of sources. The travel history provided on CBP's I-94 website is only a tool to assist the public and is not an official record for legal purpose. The following travel may not be reflected: land border arrivals/departures, closed loop cruise arrivals/departures, air carrier reservation updates, and USCIS updates, changes of status, and extensions of stay or adjustments of status.  If you need an official copy of your travel history you may request them at

If you have any other questions relating to your I-94 Arrival Record, please call: 213-830-5972

Office Hours:


0800am - 1200pm

0100pm to 0430pm

Closed for Lunch 1200pm to 0100pm

Closed on Fridays and Federal Holidays

Location and Mailing Address:

US Customs and Border Protection

Deferred Inspection Unit

300 North Los Angeles St. Room 2067

Los Angeles, CA 90012


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