Japan Has Legalized Casino Gambling

Japan's legislature legalized casinos this past week (August 5, 2018).

There will be up to three casino licenses issued .. all for "integrated resorts" -- meaning that each casino will be part of a hotel/casino/shopping/restaurants/conferences complex.

Estimates are for the new casinos to start opening in yet-to-be-designated cities in five to seven years (2023 to 2025). 

Osaka and Nagasaki are on the short list of sites being proposed for a casino.  Prime Minister Abe has voiced support for casinos as a way to attract foreign visitors and boost tourism in parts of Japan beyond Tokyo.

Foreign tourists will enter the new casinos for free.  Japanese nationals will be limited to ten visits a month and pay 6,000 yen or about $53 US to enter a Japanese casino.  It's believed the stiff entrance fee may deter gambling addiction.

Existing major markets in Asia with casinos include Macao, Singapore and Hong Kong.  The Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea and Myanmar also have casinos.


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