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I need some info for a friend. He has have an approved spass with a new job den we received an email saying mom is doing the random audit check and submit following requirements. We are submitting we just curous if it will affect or delays the approved application.

Ty in advance!

You have said that he has got S pass approved then which part of his application will be delayed or affected?

He has received a mail from employer? Which documents are they doing audit? This part is unclear so as your query. If he has got S pass approval and received IPA letter from employer then he shouldn’t be worried. Let’s MoM do their audit as it could be a governance requirement in an organisation where they do internal audit.

Hello surya, yes approvef spass it is. Just to ask if the processing will be delayed because of the audit.

The email came from his hr employer (pass processing dept) asking for educ cert, passport again and records of transcript  at his school.

If his S pass was approved then he must have provided all the documents at the beginning, so I didn’t get an idea why HR was asking to provide again, where all those documents copies are with them and MoM.

You didn’t confirm whether your friend already received IPA letter or not! If he has already collected and going to join the employer then shouldn’t have an issue on routine audit check at MoM.

But, if earlier your friend had submitted any false certificate or documents then he needs to be worried, or else not.

No IPA yet. Only approved online. If he awol bcs of work health issue on the first company is it a reason why they do random audit check?

Can he come back to enter singapore again to continue with the new pass?

Why you don’t write complete details in one message? Why you don’t ask your friend write a message with detailed information, instead of you are asking?
Again you are telling partial information, what kind of health issue? If there is no major health problem and he has doctor clearance and fit to work then shouldn’t be an issue.

You should spend time to go through various threads here, you will come to know that IPA letter issues along with pass approval, so contact his employer to provide the letter. Once receives, he can travel here and join the company.

Surya is right: Your posts are confusing and don't give the whole story. Thus we cannot give good advice.
You said he did "awol" at his previous employer. If that is what AWOL ("Absent WithOut Notoice") really meant, i.e. he absconded his work without giving the agreed notice: This is a serious breach of a legally binding contract and can cause problems with any subsequent pass application. If so, he should ASAP contact the previous employer and clear the matter amicably - then ask the employer to inform MoM accordingly.

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