How is internet in Ajijic/Chapala area ?

Hi, Question for anyone staying in the Ajijic/Chapala area. Is hi Speed internet available? And if so what speed, and how reliable? I might be able to work from there for my job, but would require decent Internet to do so.

No One from Ajijic area?

Currently internet speeds vary dramatically depending upon the are and even the house. I hate to even generalize but as an example we get around 8-12 mbps download and maybe 0.5-0.75 upload. Uploading can be a bear.
Fortunately, there is a telecommunications company that is bringing in fiber optic. They finally raised enough money from the area to front their costs of bringing in the cable from Jocotopec. The first people who signed up are expected to get their hookup around the end of the year.
You can contact me and I can send you more information on it by email.

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