Persue Post graduation for Md/MS

Does allow for Chinese MBBS to get the Postgraduate for MD/ MS in Germany ? And is valid to International student who have studied mbbs in china to get The postgraduate for MD/MS in Germany? Thank you

You should first consult the ANABIN database to check whether your degree is recognised in Germany.
If so, check whether you fulfill the individual entry requirements of the university or school of your choice.
Also, you should consider that good German language skills (minimum B2 level, which is substantially better than the English I see in your post) are required by most schools - and are also needed to follow any curriculum (unless the course is fully in English). You also won't have a good social life and therefore are not likely to be happy here if you don't speak the language.

Thank you sir.

Sorry but your post is hardly understandable. How can a University graduate not know better English?

Anyway, requirements for studying in Germany are at the official German Academic Exchange Service website:

Is it possible to graduates who completed her Bachelor of medicine in china, can continue postgraduate studies in Germany?

Tom and my answers above did address exactly that question.
Did you follow our advice and consult the information sources we mentioned?
Then what is still unclear?

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