Panama or Mexico?

My intuition is telling me to move to San Miguel de Allende. My logical brain is telling me to move to Panama City or surrounding area.

Although I've never been to SMDA, the conversations I've had with Expats living there and the descriptions I read have me convinced that it would be a great place for us to live.
On the other hand, I've spent a couple of days in PC and didn't find it to feel welcoming or culturally exciting. Even still, my mind tells me that I'll have access to so much more of "big city" culture and experiences.

Has anybody surrendered to the idea that bigger is better and regrets it?

Good question! Waiting to hear what they say!

Climate-wise they are worlds apart!
You should visit both areas and see for yourself.  Spend some time there to see if you like the climate, infrastructure, cost of living, ease of getting residency, quality of health care,  Health Insurance cost, ease of flying in and out, and culture experiences. Keep in mind if you go as a tourist and not as a prospective new resident you will not see the same things.
There are positives and negatives anywhere you decide to move to.

Google bloggers living in both places to get their day to day perspective.

We have lived here in Boquete, Panama for almost 4 years but will be moving to Medellin, Colombia in December.  You can check out our blog here:
We have no regrets on living in Panama. Just time for the next life adventure.

Good luck!


We will be attending the LIVE AND INVEST OVERSEAS Conference in Las Vegas next month. I am looking forward to meeting and talking with people who are doing what I want to do now.
I am expecting to come away with a better idea than I have now about where to start exploring.

I just got back from San Miguel.  It's a pretty town but so crowded.   All the houses are right next to each other.  You can smell what your neighbor is cooking.  The streets are very very narrow with tiny sidewalks.  And the final nail in the coffin, there are very few green spaces.  It is a desert.

I live in the mountains in Panama where it is lush and green with plenty of wide open spaces. 

There's a lot more to Panama than Panama City. Yet, Panama City is only a 35 minute plane ride if I want to go to any events there.

You really need to see both places for yourself before you make a move to either one.

Thanks, Jacke!
We purchased some agricultural property in Panama and investment property in Panama City. I think we are going to wind up in Panama only because I worry about the stability of Mexico.

You will enjoy Panama!

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