Long term rentals

Does anybody know any good long term rental agencies?

Hi Oldginter,

Till members provide you their feedback, perhaps you can enquire here : Real estate in Paphos

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this forum is not very active - but i would suggest if you have facebook try the rentals in paphos or larnaca or limassol pages or groups

Thanks Toon will take a look

my wife and i are moving to cyprus in september before the dead line 31 december, could anyone help with a 2 bed 6 month rental in peyia area,while we look for a property to buy thanks richie

hi TOON i wonder if you can help me, we are hoping to be in cyprus {peyia area} september would you no of a good health innsurance and the average cost. thanks

I would suggest get onto bazaraki as most owners advertise direct , prepare to haggle as everyone wants top prices regardless of condition and location. I would be willing to do the groundwork for you for a small fee. Agents are not much value in Cyprus. That applies to buying also .

will bare that in mind with regard agents. Also have been looking at bazaraki. thank you

Will you be working here or are you in receipt of uk state pension

if in receipt of uk state pension get your form S1 from the DWP as soon as you have a Cyprus address - even a temporary one  as they will need that... without it the DWP will not issue it

if you get that then state healthcare (free or low cost via GESY) will be given to you thus private is not required  - you will need to ask for the UK issued ehic for as long as it remains valid here for pensioners.... am thinking in the transition period what happens after 31st dec 2020 is anyones guess but if its extended then it may still be important

Try Abbeygate Brokers in Paphos we used them for full on healthcare cover for our first year then found a minimal policy for about  €175 a yr   it satisfies the immigration dept currently... if you want full on package its expensive and will be loaded if you have  pre existing conditions 

try Pacific, Atlantic & Top Quotes for cover see what tye quote you

as for property PM me I can help you find a rental property in Peyia as I  live here in the village  = no charges at all. - I have done this for others here - just let me know your specification and I will see what can be found

sorry Toon for late responce we do not actually come on a permanent bacis until 1st week september this year. but we will be in cyprus pathos 16th of may. would be nice to meet up to have a chat if possible. as you seem to be very knowlegable on these issues. thanks again richie.

no worries let me know nearer the time...

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