A place with land & a view

We are talking about moving and Colombia is a possibility. We live in Denver, Colorado and have been
recommended to look in the Santa Marta area.
We would love to find a place with some land to grow a vegetable garden and have a few animals (chickens...) Would love a view of the ocean if possible but doesn't have to be right on the beach.
We have also thought about having a place where we can have a Bed & Breakfast and offer food service. We need advice as to which areas (neighborhoods) to look at. We would like to stay below $250K

Hi - I don't have an answer for you, but I'm interested in any advice you receive - and I live in Denver.  And since you are in Denver, if you need any help with Spanish before you go, check out The ShareLingo Project.   Saludos.  J.

Thank you, but I'm native speaker and a Spanish teacher 😊

Well - that's fantastic!  Let's connect!  Are you still in Denver?

Yes, we live in Lakewood

I might be able to assist, pending more details, after a dialog. Please feel free to reach out at your convenience.


Hi there
Have you thought about Rodadero? Its just out side of Santa Marta proper.
My husband and I moved here from Washington state about 3 years ago There is land in the hills above our home that you can build on.
Plus Rodadero is a small city with a nice natural bay and considered a tourist town. Hotels and private homes do quite well here by renting rooms.  Santa Marta is a short 15 minute ride away.
Google it.

It would be nice to have another expat in the area.

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