Looking for work in Orléans


I am moving to Orléans with my girlfriend in September for 7 months and am looking for part time work in the City.

I don't currently speak French but am hoping to learn whilst I am there.

I am looking for any work and don't mind what I do, from working in a shop or cafe, to dog walking :)

Let me know if you have anything!

Thanks, Will

Hi Will,

Welcome to the forum.

May i suggest that you post an advert in the Jobs in France section of the website so that your search might benefit from more visibility ?

Word of mouth is still at times the most efficient way to find out about an opportunity. So, feel free to prospect once you are in Orléans, prepare an updated cv and some printouts. However keep in mind that most jobs require some french language skills, specially in jobs where you will have to interact with customers/clients etc...(service sector).

It would be a good idea to give some english language classes, if you are looking for a part time job.

All the best,

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