Regular income arrangements

has anyone experience of providing an income from investments in Cambodia?
I want to set up some arrangement to "Drip feed" regular payments to my Cambodian partner and our stepson, for when I can no longer travel, (had a worrying scan just now)
This is not so easy from the UK (I have one with the Prudential here) but they could not do payments into a non-UK bank (and it's damned expensive anyway) Don't know about Cambodia Prudential.         
I worry a simple lump sum in a local bank may be too vulnerable...

Hi William.

Sorry to hear about your worrying news.

As for regular income in Cambodia I was thinking of a fixed deposit account at a Cambodian bank.

Depending on the amount and the fixed time of the deposit banks give like 6-7% interest, which will be paid out on a savings account, e.g. in the name of your partner.

You can even get more interest on a Khmer riel account.

Another way is to get internet banking for your Cambodian account. That way you can steer from the UK what amount you transfer to your partner's account, on line from your computer.

Forget international payments, too expensive. Get or maybe you have already a Cambodian bank account with internet banking and a savings account in name of your partner. You slush money from your account to her account, or if that is better you have both accounts in your name so the transactions are for free, and she gets money through the atm of her own account.

That's what came to mind in the first place, maybe more tomorrow.


Cambodia expert team

Thanks, Joe,

very recently my normal Fx account said they could not move cash to Cambodia (but for previous 14 years, no problem) but there were a lot of costs anyway. Then found "WorldRemit" was OK and much cheaper.
I do have a CAB $ savings account, with an ATM card, 50c/month. Also have used their longer-term bonds, ie 6/12 months: 4.5/5.5% but a bit unwieldy.
All works, for the short term - but not sure how much longer.
Still looking; cheers,

Hey William.

Just to show what it means, this link gives you insight in fixed account interest rates.
You choose yourself how to receive the interest in a savings account, can be per month. … count.aspx

You see that although the rate for USD is 5.5%, if you take a fixed account in Riel you get 8% a year.

I'm sure there are other options available too, maybe in other banks.

Good luck.


Hi Joe,

thanks for that; looks like a really interesting offer.
I expect if you took out a 24 month deposit, but with monthly payments, it would be a lower rate, but the riel has been stable for many years, and 8% base is very good.

I'll make some more checks, but that's very helpful.
Thanks again.

Will..   Just a suggestion.. I utilise 'Virgin Money Transfer'  having tried UK banks an FX. Virgin does not charge any transaction fee and their exchange rates (clearly from were they make their profit) is still better than some UK banks who also charge a transaction fee. IT is very easy to operate online 5 minutes and it is done. You just go into your Virgin a/c order the transfer to the Foreign ( in my case Khmer) beneficiary bank, then you go into your UK bank , online, and order the transfer to Virgin. You can store any number of beneficiary banks (I have 2 Khmer accounts and transfer monthly to alternative banks so I can use either's ATM;s at various locations in Cambodia. Usual monthly transfer limit is 10k but this can be extended by agreement.. Good luck

Marytavy - thanks, worth a look; but is it OK recently? I never had trouble up to this year with Caxtonfx. for the last 14 years: Good rates, NO charges by them... but this year said they could no longer send to Cambodia. (however, were "other" charges before my family's bank added $10; $33 total!) So I take out £notes, changed at an excellent changer - Or Sovann, 69/71 St 136 PP near Phsar Thmai.

I was interested to enquire about investments out there; After retirement, I ignored conventional advice about only Building society or gilts for my cash sum, and equity Investment trusts (spreads of 50 to 100 companies) have yielded much better returns (over 5 year plus timescales - over 20 for me!)
My Khmer partner and son have another 20/30 years+, although I hope he will be independent (just finishing Uni.)

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