Planning to move from India to Kuala Lumpur

I am mannu. I am in pharmaceutical industry by profession, married and having one 1 year and 5 year old kids. 
I've got a job offer in Kuala Lumpur. Company is ready to  give house, shifting, and one time yearly home town going expenses including family.
Please let me know the major expenses,  tax rules and children education fess, school and admission details.
How much salary should be sufficient to have  good life along with saving of about 5000RM

Thanks in anticipation.

If you search the Forum you can find a lot of information.

Tax brochure for tax-resident individuals … oklet.html

There is a flat rate of 28% (non-resident rate) until in Malaysia for 182 days in a calendar year/tax year. The difference between resident and non-resident rates can be refunded when there are insufficient days remaining in a tax year to qualify. (see P.6 of brochure for rules about linking tax year)

Check on website for individual schools of interest for fees and enrolment process.

Numbeo or Expatistan.

Your question about savings of RM5k per month is impossible to answer because it will depend on education cost to a large extent. There are quite a lot of hidden costs to take into account. You will be paying 28% tax until at least July 2019 so take this into consideration.

Rule of thumb - live as close as possible to workplace and school where there are good public transport links.

Thanks gravitas, however I also want to know which school is good.  I mean I've heard public,  private and international school. 


It's the million dollar question. The only guideline used is usually the more expensive the fees the more internationally qualified and experienced staff. But it depends a lot on the child's abilities. Even looking at exam performance is not a good guide for primary school conditions.

Public schools are government run schools and tuition is mainly in Bahasa Malaysia. They have different resources than private or international ones. There are government supported schools for Tamil and Chinese language tuition schools. … n_Malaysia

Selecting  a school where English is the medium of tuition is probably a good choice though - so publicly-funded schools are ruled out.

There are lots of posts on the forum about schools and most go completely unanswered. But member ID kiwinKL does have some good points as the person has been a teacher in Malaysia I seem to recall.

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