saudi council of engineer (is jawazat updated red X)

sir I m also facing this issue the send me only member ship num. but jawaz and yaqeen is red I am waiting from 1 month also now my iqama expired can you guide me many thanks.

how we can pay.

brother did u solve your problem can u please suggest because i am in same problem

I recently went through the same process and situation with getting the SCE member# but Yaqeen and Jawazat still red X.  On the same morning I went to the SCE branch here in Riyadh.  There were few people and the place is convenient and the staff very respectful.  I explained my case and was asked for my Iqama.  The person opened my application and obviously analyzed my personal appearance and application then informed me that my Yaqeen and Jawazat will be fine by end of day.  It was already fine when I got back to my office - less than 2 hrs.  Make the effort to visit and present yourself well to the SCE office - they will help you.

hi brother

how do you register with diploma or experience certificate

Experience certificate brother. Stamped with Chamber of Commerce.  I am on my 2nd sponsor so I merged 2 certificates into 1 PDF and uploaded the same to diploma (front/back) and also on academic grades.  Thank you.

i have 9month diploma certificate but cant attest so should i choose diploma or no diploma

I suggest you call SCE for your diploma situation if you cannot attest.  BTW, I applied as Technician.   Below helped me. … echnician/

Iam also in the same situation.

Did your red mark converted to green ?
If yes how many days it look.

Please reply.

How long is takes for jawazat update

Dear How you solved your issue?.

Masoom05 :

Yes, mine is resolved.
No test is required.. you just upload the required documents.. All will be done automatically

How you solved your issue<.

my problem is may Iqama before was Computer Engineer and I have already Saudi Council but last year I downgraded to Computer Technician, because of the payment, but again even technician now, must register, my problem is I have already Saudi council User ID, I tried to change the position but  unable, can you please help me for this problem.

Dear, My Iqama is Computer Programmer and my Degree is MASTER in Computer (2003) Science, now i have 16 years of computer experience (but my Bachelors in no in Computer Sciences - Botany, Zoology, Chemisty). So, Should i submit my Masters Degree & is it accepted ? somebody told me they are only accepting Bachelors Degree..

Brother, The common sense says, those documents should be uploaded which support your profession in Iqama. So upload your masters degree Certificate. Hopefully they will accepts but for Zoology or Botany no way they will accept for computer programmer.

r u update jawazath  now ??? how to up date ???

same situation my yaqeem and jawasath update is X , i need to change my profession, if possible to change profession before jawasath update ?? help me

Did you upload your documents in Saudi Engineering council already. Yaqeen will become green, after you upload all the required documents in saudi engineering website and then they will send you a message on your mobile number with billing code and invoice number for which you have to pay 500 riyals through Sadad via online banking. Once you pay 500 riyals your yaqeen will become green but Jawazat will stay red with X. After some day probably 2 or 3 days you will get another message with same billing code and different invoice number to pay SR. 200. After you pay SR. 200 through Sadad your jawazat status will get green and then you can inform your saudi guy to renew your iqama. Even if your documents are not correct or does not support your profession on your iqama, you will get temporary membership to renew your iqama and later you can change your profession.

Hope you will get an idea.

Hi, Masoom! Is your Yaqeen and Jawazat okay now? Cuz that's my problem right now. My yaqeen and jawazat are mark RED X and it's been a month and my company cant renew my Iqama because of it. Hope to get an answer from your experience. Sukran alot in advance

Wat is ur profession  in iquama ??

Building technician / building in charge


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Still same but I need change my profession  electrical maintenance to mechanical engineering.. for change profession need letter from saudi engineering council  or not ??

Please update me what happened with your issue.  Is it resolved? (saudi council of engineer (is jawazat updated red X)

Sir Shasat, I been in SCE yesterday to ask their help regarding on Yakeen and Jawazat why it is mark red. And it's only take mins. To solve my problem. And now my Iqama just renew yesterday. All you have to do is report to their office. They are very friendly and accommodating. And regarding on that change profession they said that only your company can process that one. Hope I help you with this.

Hi sir, I am an engineer with iqama as technician. I uploaded my engineering certificates in SCE for engineering profession. The status is We are auditing your request.  It is one week now.  What to do. Please advise.

I have the same problem. If your issue is solved.  Please advise me,  what you did.

Try to visit their office. Surely, they can solve your problem.

I'm facing the same issue, please help me here...

Also I'm calling their so called unified number i.e. 920020820 but I'm not getting any response.

Pls. help here.


do they have office in Al Jubail?

Pls. reply urgently. My Iqama is going to expire next week.

Is your problem solved?

If yes how did you solved your problem, I'm in the same problem and not able to get the answer...

Please help urgently....

can you please give me your number or call me at ***

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hello friends I have same case Can I know where is the exact location of SCE here in eastern region dammam or khobar? tnx reply pls.

my friend do you know where sce located and what is their address do they have office herein dammam or khobar kindly advise or send d address via WhatsApp ty.

I have applied SCE accreditation, submitted my documents, paid the initial payment including the membership payment for a year. No my Yaqeen Verified is already checked, But my IS jawazat Updated is still marked red X.  I have requested to update and received request number BUT I am Stacked and dont know where to go. Can Someone share their experience to help us out please. I read in some forum to pay Jawazat clearance  to have a it checked BUT where to pay? Do I have to visit Jawazat Office? . Appreciate everyone's input regarding this topic. Thanks in advance.

I submitted my document on 2019-11-18, but still showing as "We are auditing your request" how long does it take Approve?

Dear all
saudi council of engineer (is jawazat updated red X) what would be the  issue ?
please help

Dear all

I have registered in saudi council of engineering with technician membership as my iqama profession is computer network technician and uploaded my graduation certificate in the portal. Now i got the message from saudi council your membership is converted to engineering and pay 250 riyals. Will it going to be issue in renewing iqama, Do i need to change my profession?

What is mentioned on your degree certificate. Do you have engineering degree? That can be reason for the message sent by SCE. Or you have selected engineer from the first page options  instead of technician.

Engineering degree. Is it going to halt the renew of my iqama

Hi There,

If you have already paid SR. 500 and your your yaqeen status is showing green then you have to wait for the second message (SMS) message with another invioce number for amount of SR. 200 which some times take 3-4 day. But if you do not receive a message in one week time then you have to visit their office and take your documents to them. Then you can immediately received the second message on same day or the next day. After paying SR200 your jawazat status will become Green immediately. And then you can ask your HR to renew your iqama immediately. Hope this answers your question.


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