Moving to Surabaya

Hi..I m Indian working in Malaysia now and intend to move to Surabaya soon. My working area would be a project near port... Need help to know few things as1st timer...Pls advise..

1. Safe/Good  Accomodation Areas..House or Apartments..? Approx cost for a family of 4 (2 kids 10,12 yrs)
2. International School for Kids Affordable and Good in that Area..
3. East/West/south Surabaya which one is better for Accomodation for Foreigners wtih Shopping malls/Schools/Food etc.


I live in surabaya, maybe this is quite late,but well

1. If its safety u look, apartment in gunawangsa will do, quite cheap but yeah, more safety than house except u live in highclass housing in surabaya barat
2.ask rob wilson,he is headmaster of international school here
3.Surabaya Barat

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