Another Residency question!

Sorry about this folks. I know it's like beating a dead horse.

I've been reading here and other places, and the government websites (UGH). But I wanted to see if anyone can tell me if I'm thinking correctly.

Going to be living there soon, and I have a friend who owns a fair sized business who will offer me a work permit to stay. He says its no problem because he can get an exception because I'm an engineer of a particular skillset. He says his attorney knows what to do.

My understanding is that this is good for a year initially. Also, it will allow me to get a Cedula, local license, etc.

The big question is, can I turn that into a permanent residency somehow? If not, does he just need to renew that every year?

Thanks gang!

Yes this can work. You will need to apply for this from there. You need to gather almost all the same paperwork. Your friend will need to add you to his payroll and make all the payroll tax payments as well. And this won't allow you to work for anyone else, just your sponsor. 

As I understand it you will need to renew this every year but eventually it can be used to get residency. I am confirming this.

Why would you not apply for residency?

Thanks Planner.

I do want residency, I just didn't know if it's possible to roll the work visa over into residency.

If you qualify for residency just do it. A work visa is more limiting!

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