Family fun in England during school holidays


School holidays are fun for the kids, but parents often struggle to find ways to entertain them when they have just moved to a new country. Share with us some information about keeping the family busy during that time of the year.

What are some of the favourite activities in England that families can enjoy together?

What types of activities are more popular (indoors, outdoors) for toddlers, young children, and teenagers?

How do you balance work in England while the children are on holiday?

Are there any resources such as youth centres or expat children communities, that offer activities for children during the holidays?

How do you plan your holidays with the family in England?

Tell us about your best family adventure in in England? Is there a bucket list of must-do activities? What are they?

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Hi I live in North Somerset, there is a lot of groups on Facebook that tell you whats on around you.

I have a 8 yr old daughter and 6 weeks holidays, however I divorced her father and we split the holidays, otherwise I am in full time work and only get 25 days of holiday a year (plus bank holidays).
I take her to the Campus in WsM (from 8-6pm, I can pick her up earlier for £24/day and I get childcare vouchers witch mean I only pay like £12 (tax discounts))
contact your local council for childcare around you, there are childminders for little ones. Without family around I have no choice but to choose wisely when to take my holidays.

we just been 2 weeks to Turkey and it was amazing, we all did diving.. what age are your kids?
where do you live?

my favorite places to go is museums, parks and beaches (all free however not like beaches in America)

Quality of life in England is better and slower pace of life (except with my work hehehehe)

I do a blog promoting Guatemala in England


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