King Alfaisal University

Asalamo Alaykuim Everyone!

My name is Sarah (17 years old) and I'm from the U.S, specifically Chicago speaking, and I was wondering if anyone  in Alfaisal University Medicine could give me an insight on just exactly how selective the admissions there are. I really want to get into Alfaisal because I love the Saudi and middle eastern culture and it has been my dream ever since I was little to go see the culture and live there! My father also works here as a general surgeon and I always visit him every summer. I fell in love with the culture here the first time I visited haha :)

This is just a general overview of what I have so far:
4.0 G.P.A
10 % in the top of ranks of my school
Done plenty of hospital volunteering, accumulating to about 300 hours
Plenty of clubs and extracurricular

One thing I'm worried about is just my SAT test score, I have a 1300, however I'm definitely planning on retaking it in August and in fact is practicing for it right now. I will be a Senior by the time September approaches :)

Thank you so much!

i can suggest you a friend of mine, apparently all my friends are from alfaisal uni and they study medicine. Feell free to contact me.

Thank you, I'd really appreciate that!

Hello Sarah! Considering it`s been quite a while since you made this post, I was wondering if you got in to the university?

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