Buying Real Estate in Warsaw as an Expat

Hey ya'll!

Came to Warsaw 3 weeks ago for a holiday and really love this city.  So much so that I am thinking of buying a flat for future retirement.

Would love to find out more about how to get a mortgage in Poland.

Any expat here who's bought?



If you want to buy a flat you don't need any permit but if you change your mind and decide to buy a home you will need Minsitry of Internal Affairs' permit.
As far as mortgage is concerned I don't know details but I know that some banks don't give morgage credits to foreigners without citizenship of EU country, others require permanent or temporary residence permit.
nice nickname btw

Thank you very much for your insight!  :)  Yeah I've been training Muay Thai in Warsaw the first day I got here and will be training when I go to Krakow in August too :P

list of apartments

you can choose an apartment and next write to the bank.

I recommend MBank

Hi Alice,
You most likely need an unlimited employment contract.
I can connect you to a mortgage consultant who helped me to get my mortgage.
Good luck.


If you are expat and you don't have a full time work contract at least last 2 years - it will be rather impossible to get mortgage :(

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