Conversational language practice (EN, TR)

I am an expat American looking to improve my conversational Turkish. I was thinking possibly of exchanging conversational English with someone for practice in conversational Turkish. if interested, please let me know. Best.

Hi tattprof,

I advise you to browse the classifieds : Language exchange in Istanbul and see if you find anybody.You can also post an ad of your search.

Best of luck.
Expat.Com Team :)

Hi. I have already have sufficient english for my daily stuff yet open to meet with new people. Turkish is hard to learn by yourself so I guess I could help you with that. We can organize it publicly if anyone else is also interested. Taksim is good place to meet. Saturday is free for now

these are lessons or what? <<inabout Turkey>>

Hello, I am a Turkish student in Istanbul, studying Translation and Interpreting, I need to improve my English and I also want to make new friends here since I am a shy person and I don't have any friends. I live in Ataşehir, we can always meet to grab a coffee and chat. I should just let you know that I am gay, but just looking for friends here so i hope it's not a problem for you. You can find my insta by searching my name :)

Mostafa88 :

these are lessons or what? <<inabout Turkey>>

cant provide lessons yet we could make some practice. There are lots of different resources on the internet to learn turkish. try to learn from there and come for the practice..

Hi. I I am a native Turkish and I completed my Ph.D. and looking forward for a teaching job. So I need to practice my English. I am on a part time job now and my work schedule depends from week to week but I have pretty much enough free time.

Hi ,

If you are still looking for a conversation partner , I can help you with that. However, I would need to practice Turkish too.

Me too I’d like to improve my turkisk conversation

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