recommendation about situation of Turkey

My name is Asad Isaak, I live in USA Virginia, originally i am Somalian and i speak both English and Somali Fluent. i am trying to move Antalya, Turkey which is i never been to there. i have a passion to see in Turkey although i don't have any experience about it. Will be much better if some people can give recommendation about situation of Turkey. I appreciate for your time and your effort.

Hi Asad and welcome to the forum,

I advise you to browse the Turkey forum : Everyday life in Antalya where you will find a list of discussions launched by other members.

You can also consult the expat guide : Information Turkey  which can be useful.

Hope this helps
Anas, team :)

to be honest i tried to figure out, but somehow i couldn't. what i was looking for is just to know what's the price of home rent monthly? try to help me about that please?

Hi Asad, check this link, here are some ads for furnished rentals around Konyaaltı, Antalya, you can change the filters and can find out more.

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