Is there a limit to cash one can take within the EU Countries

Here in Canada , ,US, and Mexico ,and even when going from North America to EU , there is a Maximum amount of $10,000.00 or the equivalent in $US that a person is allowed to take along .
This applies to anything that is a monetary instument , like stock certificates etc.

Does this amount apply yo countries in EU ?

Could I take only that amount from ,Austria to Germany ( for instance ) ?

It differs between countries; in the UK, you must declare any cash over 10,000 euro to HM Customs; if you are carrying more, be prepared to explain where it came from and why you are carrying it in cash.  If you don't declare it and also don't have a legitimate reason to carry so much cash, then they can take it from you and you will have to explain to a judge what it's for.  If you get it back, there is no compensation, you should have declared it.

Even transferring large amounts of money via bank to bank, you will be asked questions for the reason. This comes down to the risk of money laundering.

I transferred £170,000 from my UK bank into my Austrian bank account after selling my house and bought a house here and went through hoops. But that was an extreme case as it was a large amount.

This LINK will give more information.

Thank you for the Link , and your experience transferring funds.

In the link you provided , it keeps saying " entering or exiting The EU with 10.000 .or more .
I'm in Canada ,and we have to account for large transactions from bank to bank also , but if we wanted to ,we can carry any amount from province to province .
It is only entering or exiting Canada that there are laws limiting funds to 10,000.00 that can go undeclared to the customs people .

From the link you sent , it seems the EU is much like one big country with all the smaller countries making up the EU  much like our provinces here in Canada .

Thank You , Nick

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