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Rather than leave the Country (Colombia) every 90 or 180 days to keep from over extending my tempory Visa, I would prefer some sort of more permanent arangement. I have decided to move here, permanently, and establish relationships, both personal and business, that will benefit the local economy.   For those, both local and Expat, who want to be part of helping me accomplish various Mission Goals, I will gladly share our plans with any who have interest.  First things first ... I need to determine how best to have my stay in Colombia be in compliance with Colombian Law. 

Thanks, Fred Howard

chosenrescue :

Rather than leave the Country (Colombia) every 90 or 180 days to keep from over extending my tempory Visa, I would prefer some sort of more permanent arangement.

Dear Fred,

You have given us no indication whether you are aware that Expats living in Colombia most of the year are exposed to tax brackets up to 33 or 35 percent of their worldwide income. 

This exposure means little to some of those who pay taxes to their North American governments (which is deductible in Colombia) or whose worldwide income is not substantial (and whose tax brackets may thus be only half  the percentages mentioned above) .

However, it can mean an expense of thousands -- even tens of thousands -- of North American dollars to some Expats who stay in Colombia for a total of 183 or more days out of any 365 consecutive days.

In some recent years, Colombia also imposed temporary taxation on worldwide assets for some wealthier 'tax residents'.

After studying English-language reporting on the tax situation in Colombia and reaching out to five professionals -- one tax attorney and four tax accountants in Colombia -- I have decided to remain outside Colombia for at least 183 days a year to avoid the potential tax consequences going forward.


chosenrescue :

I need to determine how best to have my stay in Colombia be in compliance with Colombian Law.

If you have decided that the tax laws will not determine your future plans in Colombia .. the way to go is probably a 3-year 'M' class visa .. potentially followed by permanent residency years down the road.

I say 'probably' because there is not enough information in your post to rule out other visas, which could theoretically include work visa, student (of Spanish) visa, or investment visa.  Your immigration attorney (recommended in your case) could advise you on this as it depends on your unique circumstances.

An M visa commonly used by Expats relies on one's income from a government pension or from annuities/non-governmental income.  The monthly-income threshold changes from year to year and is stated in Colombian pesos, so I can't give you exact figures in dollars.


cccmedia  -  Thanks for the information.  I am a retired, self employed business person who has esentiall lost everything in the USA due to various circumstances.  I am 77 years old, live on SSC Income and the little savings I had been able to salvage.  I come to Colombia on a mission I had started in the US to rescue 'At Risk Kids' from the many challenges our Youth face in our World today.  I am in the process of starting some 'Small Production Enterprises', with Colombian Partners, under a Dutch NonProfit Umbrella which is often used for Mission type projects for several reasons. Our purpose is to create a training ground for disadvantaged youth where they can learn and train in vocation and put that training to use earning their way in society and have a meaningful life while contributing to the needs of local sciety.  Hopefully this process will become contagious and spread to other areas 'In' the World before we loose "our youth" 'to' the World.  There is a reason we have located in Antioquia Colombia  and in fact a specific part of that Province.  I will share that reason with those who want to learn more about 'the New Promise Land Adventure'.  I get my share of Negative Response but welcome any and all who want to share in our Mission/Venture.  By the way ... our Rescue Mission goes far beyond 'At Risk Youth'.  So called advanced societies havd moved beyound 'Natural Cures' for what ails us in favor of Lucrative Medical Treatment Protical, for the rest of our lives.  Health has become more about "Profits' rather than "Healing". 

Maybe this will give you a better understanding of our goals and objectives and how best to structure or business under Colombian Law.  I understand Colombia's New President is the type person who might have interest in and would be supportive of this type of humanitarian enterprise.  I am a Geologist by Education and Practice and have suggestions on how to incorporate the Youth Rescue Mission with Ecological Issues concerning Colombia's Mining Industry.  I don't speak Spanish so I am also looking for a  beneficial communication alliances with the Colombian Church Community for reasons I will share with those who have interest. 

This may be somewhat more involved than what you expected.  Much of the Home Work has been done, now I search for how best to implement.  Fred

chosenrescue :

cccmedia  -  Thanks for the information....

I understand Colombia's New President is the type of person who might have interest in and would be supportive of this type of humanitarian enterprise.

Colombia's new president hasn't taken office yet (early August).

Meantime, President Lenin Moreno's administration in Ecuador may take kindly to your project.

Pitch to both administrations when you're ready if that's viable and you have a Spanish-language spokesperson and committed South American partners.


Just what Colombia needs..another missionary. Why don't you just use your SS for a pensioner visa? Should be more than enough.

Thank you for saying that! I'm so tired of missionaries invading countries like Colombia. Sure it's great, people, climate, infrastructure, economy. Colombia spends substantially on education.

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