English, living in Cyprus, wanting to move to Spain

Hello everybody this is my first time writing so please be patient with me I’m a little clueless as to how this works, I live in Cyprus, from England and I’d like to move to Spain to be a little bit more comfortable as with me I have my mum who is 65 and my daughter who is 5.. I’m just a karaoke dj so I’d need to find a little job and I’d only be renting my home... any suggestions for appropriate areas?? Many thanks guys

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Of course, we will be patient, this is how it works here. Quite simple really,  you ask questions and if fellow members can, they will answer you.

Do you have an idea of where in Spain you wish to move to?

Oh my goodness I got a reply 🤗 thankyou!! It’s such a new idea but I will do it, I thought about Cyprus only for 3 months and I moved, it’s just I need to be somewhere that the schools are English or English speaking, maybe somewhere that expats travel to frequently as my job is a karaoke dj so I kinda need the English pub crowd to do well, but not in the middle of the chaos as I’m 28 in age but more like 70 in my heart haha, I was looking a lot at Alicante... befidorm would obviously be the easy option but I just CANT.. cyprus is abit too different but Benidorm is too (the same) if you get me? Sorry I’m really babbling
Thankyou Alisha

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To answer your specific questions:

I'm not absolutely sure, but I think you may find English, or English schools a bit of an issue.  I'm sure they will have them, but they'll be private and expensive.  Assuming that Spain is the same as other EU countries, the state schools will teach in Spanish but will include English as a 2nd language within the curriculum.

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Hope this helps.

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Thankyou so much for your advice

As I stated in the thread you posted in. Children are very adaptable and pick up new languages very quickly. A lot faster than adults, so I would not worry too much, and as Cynic says, private schools are expensive.

All of my kids went to Spanish public school and have done well. Within a few months to a year they will be fluent in Spanish schools. I am not too plugged into the dj scene, but there is not a British pub scene in Alicante that I know of. There is a sports bar, Austin, that I believe is owned by an American, or someone who spent time in  the US, and a few craft beer bars where I sometimes go with English speakers. Most of the foreigners that I know here are Spanish speaking and married to locals. I think Benidorm is a better place to look for dj work or maybe Altea.

There is a huge British ex pat community on the Costa Blanca, specifically places like Moraira, Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. It could be a little too similar to Benidorm, although generally quieter and with many, many karaoke venues.
Not sure about English schools in the area, but we encountered a lot of young people from British families who had gone through the Spanish school system and were therefore truly bilingual. Lots of British families with children have settled there.

What is your favorite place in Spain? Have you found anything important for you to work with? And what is your best region here?

Marbella is very nice as well Mallorca the eiland i dot know what are you searing for


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