Advice needed on living / rent in Phuket

My girlfriend and I want to live in both Australia and Phuket. She’s Thai/Australian/Icelandic—speaks all languages.

We want to live as cheaply but luxuriously as possible in Phuket. We work remotely and our incomes combine about $2000+AUD a week. we can afford something really nice but we want to save as much money as possible while living in Thailand. We want a nice home but it doesn’t have to be luxurious.

We want to spend at least a year straigt in Phuket at first then live 3 months “on and three months off” in Phuket and Australia. We’ll rotate between both countries, plus travel the world.

We want to live in Phuket as it’s closer to the islands which we love and our friends are most likely going to visit Phuket than anywhere else in Thailand.

We want to live in a quiet area, preferably not touristy so we can shop where the locals do as it’s always cheaper. We want it to be quiet, leafy and very close to or right on the beach. But we need cheap—ike 10-12K baht a month. We’re looking for a real deal so we can rent it 12 months at a time and can return when we want and out Thai home is always there.

Do you recommend a location or even know of a condo that fits this description? Do you have any advice?

Condominium, Villa or House
10-12k baht a month
Not touristy location / we want to shop where locals do
Near or on the beach
2-3 bedroom
Fast Internet
Not lower than 3 stories high w/ocean view
Good stove & oven
King/Queen Beds
Big shower
Big TV
Dinner Table
Work Desk
Washing Machine
Good Security

Hi carlos-mann,

I advise you to browse the Business directory : Real estate in Phuket where you will find a list of agencies. You can call them and ask for advices or preferably, ask for an appointment.

Best of luck.
Anas, team :)

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