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anyone can help me?? i have inly 1month visit visa and will expire on August 10 i really need a job here in singapore .... thanks for the help

If you read Singapore job forum, you must have come to know that it’s not that easy to get a job here. If you have niche skills which is in demand here then there are chances for you.

You may visit job portals such as JobStreet.com.sg and jobsDB.com.sg then apply suitable positions matching with your experiences. Good luck

Note: Change your profile status correctly, it appears as “Singapore citizen”.

thank you sir

If you are lucky (and have niche skills that are in demand, as Surya said), it might be possible to have a few job interviews and maybe come nearer to a decision to hire you at some employer. But it is entirely unrealistic to complete the whole process (incl. visa application) in a month. So you'll have to return to your home country when your current visit visa expires.

Your profile still says you are Singapore citizen. Please correct it!

thank sir im just hoping to find a job here ...any way i already changed it to filipino

Keep trying as you never know when you will get success. Best of luck from Expat team.

haha i thought i will only received a negative comments.. your message made my day :) thanks a lot

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