Jordanian looking for an opportunity in Turkey

Greetings all!

I have decided to look for a job opportunity in Turkey, dont mind the city really.
I have studied Marketing at the American University of Madaba, worked as an intern in the planning and digital marketing department, as well as taught KG2 for a year English. I have had a couple of working experience as well such as Redbull.. I am an Arabic Native speaker, but Fluent in English with an American accent.

Im striving for a new challenge where i can broaden my experiences & skills and see whats there in the world. Im very adaptable with high communication skills as well as many other skills that i can provide and share if there are any interests!

Thank you very much, any help would be great!

Hi Sarahalhajali93,

Welcome to the forum.

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Hello Sara

Make sure that your salary will be calculated in either US Dollar or Euro .

Arabic language might not be an asset here , as the community is full of Arabic speakers ,unless you have any experience in Digital Marketing the language might help you as most of the Turkish E-commerce companies is trying to get into the Gulf market . i suggest you try to check the Turkish websites such as Trendyol .

If your looking for a work adventure in Europe i highly recommend

Best of wishes , good luck :)

Thank you very much.. but am i doing it right? Im looking for a job online then maybe i can work on my work permit ? i dont know i have started researching about it recently, and the forums are actually a little bit off topic i havent benefited it from it much!

Well if you got a job interview online you will have to work on the work permit from Jordan which is the best case scenario , as if you come here and the permit didn't work out you will have to go out and if you overstay you will be paying a charge and in some cases a free visa ban . Plus you can't rent a good apartment without your permit so you must think twice before doing this step .

TRT Arabia announced many job opening for Arabic speakers , maybe you can find something that fits you .

hey Sarah, i have come to turkey about a year and a half ago. Finding a job here is not easy. although they have more job opportunities than Jordan, Palestine, or the levent are in general, however, the language is a barrier to finding a proper job.

I am now working at a management consultancy, if you would like to discuss further or tips for finding a proper job, PM me and i would love to help


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