hi, my wife mary & i are moving to the region in autumn 2012 when we finish are current venture, sheep farm in north wales, & are ready for a new challenge. we love SE france & have friends scattered quite close who we have visited frequently & love the catalan culture as well as around further northern med localities.
our french is shop/restaurant/bar, so we can get by but clearly that will not be good enough to 'fit in' & genuinely integrate if allowed to do so. we are looking at perpignan, narbonne, beziers & montpellier as possible places to settle & would prefer to be in satelite 'village' & not in the heart of the city/town having become urbanites since 1999 having moved from bushey hearts - spitting distance from london.
we have a lot of very basic questions but for now they can wait & hope we can connect with like minded welsh/uk people in france or intending to be.
any guidance, tips, views would be really appreciated

Hi lloydie,

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