Emigration from SA to UK

Hi all, my wife and 2 adult children are British passport holders. We want to move to the UK early next year.
What is the easiest way for me to join them.
The spousal visa is probably the way to go but the financial requirements are a problem(£46500 in your bank account 90 days prior to applying for your visa) .
Are there any ways around this?
Are there any other visa options I could use?

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

To answer your specific question; you have 3 options:

The savings route (the one you don't like).

Highly skilled migrant; you would need to find a job from a list of occupations on the "Shortage Occupation List"; this link will take you to the UK.Gov website that lists them.  If you can find one of these jobs, your employer sponsors your visa.

You could go the job/income route; where your wife (as the UK citizen) has a job in the UK earning over £18.6k p/annum.  It would entail 6 months separation while she got the 6 monthly payslips.

I suspect I may not have helped you very much, but I wish you the best of luck in your families journey.

Expat Team

Thanks for your reply Cynic,

We've done some sums and can meet the financial requirements by withdrawing our pensions but that would mean having to wait for at least another 9 months before applying for my visa. (I am concerned about BREXIT 29 MARCH 2019)
Is it possible for me to have a family member in the UK sponsor me until such time as the money is in my bank.
Thanks again

Hi and welcome back.

I don't think so; the UK "sponsor" visas are all of the working kind, where your employer sponsors your move.

I don't think that Brexit will affect your move as your wife and children are already UK citizens.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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