Using FireTv Stick in Ecuador.

I'm seeing conflictive information about the use of a fire stick in Ecuador.
I saw ads on MercadoLibre, they say it does works, perfect, 100% (3rd generation). Some comments in the Amazon site say it does not work (3rd generation). Customer Support say it does works ''partially''

So.. Does or doesn't work? Anyone has experience on this?


You probably mean Fire TV 3rd generation as I believe Fire TV Stick 3rd generation hasn’t been released yet .

Anyhow I have Fire Stick TV 2nd Generation and it works fine with the exception of the MLB.TV app which for some reason takes an excruciatingly long time to load. I thought it was a streaming issue caused by my router and upgraded to AC1900 but the MLB issue persisted.

BTW MLB.TV works flawlessly on PS4.

Yeah! That's what I meant to say. I just learnd of its existence and I was getting confused.
Its the FireStick what I was going to get to use it in Ecuador.

BTW, can you watch ESPN, and other sports channel? Do you use a suscription for it?

Thank you!

The firestick works great. My girlfriend uses it for Netflix and Silk and other apps in Guayaquil everyday. Having said that, some apps/channels don't work because they need a US cable subscription.

There are workarounds to viewing blocked US channels you might try by following instructions on YouTube.

The ESPN app itself works but it won't display content. They even offer ESPN+ for $4.99 a month but the content won't display. 

If you have Amazon Prime the selection in Ecuador is limited to about 30 titles. I mainly use it for Netflix and Youtube to stream live Spanish news (DW/RT).

I imagine it depends on where you are.  Amazon's servers don't like my ISP and hence I couldn't even get my fire TV stick set up here.  It may be different if you have activated the fire TV stick in the USA already.

Using a Firestick for Netflix or Youtube doesn't sound like using it for much. Netflix is on smart tvs and Youtube on Internet. I wonder what's up with ESPN not showing content even after paying. Why is that?

There’s no question that Amazon TV Firestick is greatly limited in Ecuador. Some people use VPN or other means to bypass limitations. Some as lebowski888 alluded to use other methods (KODI) to have access to more content. But these are separate matters that can work via regular computer and far from ideal.

The thing with ESPN is puzzling because my TV was activated via ES.PN/Activate and they even have a programming guide for ESPN+ for Ecuador. They offer a free 7-day trial so you can try your luck, but the content is blurred out in the same way that other Apps that don’t work are blurred.

A lot of news apps work, but oddly the resolution is much higher (clearer) via youtube streaming for the same App.

I personally like the Amazon remote much better than my TV's remote. The browser and Youtube are also much better with Firestick than my Smart TV's built-in apps.

I am not sure if this has been settled, but geolocation is your issue. Try using a VPN. I would suggest a paid subscription. This will allow you to place your ip address in the US so you can watch whatever you chose.

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