S Pass Rejection

Hi, I am Indonesian male 23 years old and just graduated from SIM Global Education in the fields of Logistics and Supply Chain Degree. I have been looking for job since January 2018 after I pass my exam, and I founded a job that will grant me S Pass. I have been applied by the company for twice already and the approval is rejected. The position that they give me is Logistic Asisstant and salary is 2,800. However, I havent receive my certificate thay will be given in 20th August 2018. Is there any problem that stopped me from getting the S Pass?

Thankyou so much.

To get a work pass, your company must have to provide rationale why they want to hire a foreigner? Did they interview local Singaporeans and couldn’t find a suitable candidate? If yes, they couldn’t find then provide the evidence for that. If company failed to do so then definitely MoM will reject. In your case you are a fresher and there are thousands of local freshers graduating each year so it’s difficult for the employer to justify at MoM.

Anyway, keep trying after receive your certificate or else gain few years of experience at your home country with some additional skills which are demanding in Singapore then try again. Good luck

Is it that if the position can be do by local singaporeans, why do they need to give to foreigner? I have seen some people are also saying that, if the business is developing and need foreign workers then they will approve? Please correct me if I am wrong and thanks for the reply Surya.

Kevin Witjaksono

It’s a requirement, in that case the employer has to show that they had advertised the job in the local job bank for two weeks but couldn’t find a suitable local candidate so that they hired a foreigner. That’s why I told you the appeal should be rationale with valid inputs. Good luck

I understand now, thankyou so much for the information Surya.

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