employer no longer mdec and Need to change visa to new passport

Hello All,

I have a very important question. I think this will be one of the most important question in Future those foreigners who is currently working in Malaysia.

Currently I am working at a software company as a Sr. Software and Cloud engineer . I joined here last 6 month.

My passport will be expired in 6 month and my Visa will be expire in December. so for safe side I apply for the new passport (From Malaysia my country embassy) and I will get it in 15 days.

Yesterday I told my HR that i apply for the new passport and once i get it I need to transfer my existing visa to new passport and help me what to do. The HR reply me they have some issue in MDEC and they can not do it any further. and tell me I can continue my job till end of my Visa expire.

I told him then what can I do when I will get the new passport. He say he can not help me out.

I need your help in this situation.

Please tell me, when I get my new passport, what I can do in that case?

Should I need to go to MDEC MSC office my self to change the visa to my new passport? Is it possible in this case?

I want to add, i check MDEC MSC company directory from the MDEC site and I can not find my current company name. Previously it was there. Probably this is the main cause they will not help me.

This is a very critical moment for my career. And I am deciding, I will change my Job from this company as I can smell something fishy going on. And I think I need to do it As soon as I can

Kindly Advise me, What can I do now in this stage so that I can find new job and stay in Malaysia.

Thanks Johir

Its rather strange because mdec processes immigration for the information technology sector as a whole and ESD authorize. So perhaps you should check directly with immigration.

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