Student pass rejected without giving any reason

Hi everyone,

I am a PhD student in Austria (my original nationality is Iranian) and also work there as a researcher. My home university (in Austria) offered me a dual degree with NTU and since the offer was good I accepted it. I applied for university, accepted and then applied for SOLAR. After a few days, they rejected my application, which was a shock to me and everybody else in Austria. I appeal the rejection and waiting for a second decision.

They just stated, "we carefully checked the application but despite your interest, you cannot study in Singapore". I got an acceptance as a full-time student at NTU.

Does anybody knows if:
   - Is it common to get rejected to study in Singapore?
   - What are the chances of getting accepted after appealing?
   - Is there any reason that you can think about that leads to this decision? Like lack of documents, my nationality, etc.?

Thanks in advance for helping :-)

Nationality could be an issue and secondly Singapore authority has stringent process in place. Based on various criteria and process, if your pass was unsuccessful then nothing can be done except an appeal. Wait for the response. But, I would suggest try else where. Good luck

Thanks for the reply. I got the student pass, there was a typo in the application and a wrong date :-)

@phoenix: How you got to know the reason for the rejection?
Will ICA provide anything?

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