Life as a female expat in Sweden


While moving to a new country and discovering new cultures is definitely an exciting adventure, everybody experiences it differently. It can be particularly different for women, in both positive and negative ways.

What are some positive aspects about being a female expat in Sweden?

What are some challenges in Sweden that women face, and what are the ways to overcome them?

How is a woman's role viewed in Swedish's culture and society?

Is it relatively safe for a woman to live in Sweden?

How would a woman go about expanding her social network in a safe way?

Are there any resources available for women to help with their expatriation (e.g. books, articles, support networks, etc.)?

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Definitely is the best place for woman, Sweden has this principle about equality and both men and women have the same opportunities, there is no difference, that's what I can say about it.


"What are some challenges in Sweden that women face, and what are the ways to overcome them?"
In sweden you see a lot of weman playing stupid. Just because some dumb culture had told them to. Most of us men love a woman that speaks for her self, take action and try things that just men do normally. I suggest you'll find things that you would like to try. Football, rally, painting, photo, books or similar. Then find a small association that do these stuff. this way you'll get new friends and also learn the language. If you are living in sweden then get a television. Look on the news, go to the library and ask for courses in swedish, ask some of your new friends on the associations if they would like to show you some of sweden.
I do not know where you live but trust me. There are a lot to discover in this country. Maybe you could find some suggestions on … ia/sweden/

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DAVID 1341.....his responce is as close to reality as on can get::

In my opinion, women have no real difficult obstacles to overcome in the everyday Swedish life:

PRISCILLA.....Question (3)
It´s pretty safe here generally, but just like it is in many other countries, there is violence against women to some extent:   No Negatives Ment....but many women here drink alcahol when out on a Friday or Saturday Night, so every now and again when a female goes overboard with her drinking and looses her mental control, evil guys have taken advantage of the situation, but more so during the summer weather months, as opposed to during winter weather-time:

YUP.......i agree::

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