I'm new here..Malaysian in Singapore ;)

Hola all.. I've been working in Singapore for almost 18 months.. Looking for malaysia friends. Let's click (^.^)

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Hi Amoi, Was in malaysia for quite some time, and would like to talk if you are interested.


Joyce here. I'm from Penang. where are you from?
Feel free to hang out together ;)
Will organize a meet up soon.


Hi there Amoi! Selamat datang ke Singapore! Hahahaa, an 18 months late wish! :)

amoi :

Hola all.. I've been working in Singapore for almost 18 months.. Looking for malaysia friends. Let's click (^.^)

HI Amoi i am born in ipoh=D

Hello everyone...i am from MY too! Does anyone here likes singing? Desparately looking for some karaoke kaki :P

hello neighbor. How is Singapore? Should not be too different in terms of food i think.

Are you in Singapore now ? Just saw your ad & would like to get in touch. I am based in Singapore & would like to make/meet friends to expand my social circle.
Hope to hear from you. I can be reach at chrislee5532[at]hotmail.com

I hope that everything fine in Singap.
Spanish girl, working in France before in the UK...and soon in SIngap.
I´ll be soon in there, for a while: less than 1 month and a half.
I´m coming to work at Biopolis but in the free-time I´ll like to go out, do some sport and make friends.

If you have some plans for June...I´ll arrive on 30th May, so far June we could meet in there.
See you soon!
mari ang

@ Leighchris & xicotin
Please note the posts on here are nearly 2 years old!! :D

Your best bet is to post a new thread, you may get better responses that way ;)


Hehe...oh, muddle head me. Didn't see the date of post.

are u in mauritius or in singapore?

Hi Amoi, welcome to Singapore. Yes, I am fine to hang out. Have a drink and chat. I am a Singaporean and doing my own business. Ben

ggdotcomle: Before you post any comments, please check when was the last time the thread was active and what is the subject of the thread about. The person had started the thread in 2011 for asking meet Malaysian people in Singapore, and the last time somebody had posted the comment was in 2014. So, there is no point to open this thread and post your comment. She is no longer new here, if she is still in Singapore. Thanks

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