Any new expats to Fukuoka?

Hi.. If anyone newly moved to Fukuoka, please introduce yourself..

Hi ra_Vikram, welcome to the forum.

Perhaps you could introduce yourself first so that members follow.

For how long will you be in Fukuoka ?


hi Bhavna..Probably I will be here in Fukuoka for an year till my project ends.. How about you?

My name is Brian.  I want to work in Fukuoka but my language seems to be insufficient.  So I work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  I will live in Fukuoka in my future and I am studying Japanese to support that goal.  My wife is a Japanese citizen and lives in Fukuoka.  I am currently the Lead Technical Instructor for my employer but I am preparing myself to be a Red Hat Certified System Administrator.  Hopefully, I will find myself working for an international company as a System Administrator in a couple of years.   I will do my part, become proficient in Japanese and qualified to fill the position.

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