Cost of learning Spanish in Colombia

It's very interesting that learning Spanish in Colombia seems to be very expensive relative to the cost of living, average salary and that Spanish is the language that 99.99% Colombians speak.

I think it's cheaper to learn how to speak English and Mandarin in Colombia than it is to learn Spanish.

I'm not the smartest person in this world but something smells fishy about this situation.

Paying to learn Spanish in Colombia may be a good strategy for some - it strikes me as not too much different from paying for sand in the Sahara Desert!

You could always use to get a guide at low or no cost, to show you around a city, and incidentally pick up conversational Spanish too.

Here are some of the guides available in Medellín, for instance:,% … 7409999998

You can pick up an awful lot of Spanish just walking around and talking to people on your own, too.  Supplement that with the content available all over the internet, some books, a dictionary and a self-study program and you're all set! … f-spanish/

There is so much on YouTube, also.  Just several:

Thanks for the advice and I totally agree with you.

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