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Is it easy to find esl jobs in Turkey as native like person? And how is the salary of teaching English there?

Hi Hamifa.
I recommend you to read those articles about finding a job :
-Finding a Job in Turkey (& Anywhere Else).
-Finding work in Istanbul.

Also,visit Teaching job offers in Istanbul.You will find the salary offers for english teachers.

Best of luck.
Anas, Team :)

These are very helpful articles. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing theese informations with us :)

Hi there

I am from spain, thinking to move to Antalya (after a very thorougly research of relationships among cost of living and quality of living). Beign an engineer, fluent in spanish, english, russian, and french and with some japanesse, is there any opportunity to find a job in Antalya? Of course I know I will not be able to work as an engineer but any job will be ok for me.

How is the summer in July August in Antalya? It is true that it is unbearable?

Thanks for the answers.

Hamifa if you have some sort of English Language Teaching Certificate you can find teaching jobs in Istanbul easily. Salary would be enough to pay your rent and living costs. If it is at a university would be a bit better than other schools. I have couple of friends working as head of language departments of universities, but universities look for more degree or certificate on teaching English as foreign language.

İt's not that difficult to get job here , you may use a lot of sites online :)

Thank y all who shared useful information :kiss:

Ok there is information but that solution doesnt work, I tried doesnt work, many people here says tried didnt work. At least the solution provide should also say, how many comment and post we should post, clearly there must be a limit, 2-3 posts are not enough as I can see.

You can find job easly, but salary is not good

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