Searching for new friends and expats

Heey lovely people. My name is Jenny. From Kenya, one of my greatest love is meeting and making new friends. I love socializing, Meeting people from all over the world where you get to experience new places and meet new people and have fun together. I'm looking for expats and make new friends

Hello Jenny, am from Kenya as well. Which part of Kenya are you currently based on?

Based in parklands.what about you

Hello! I am in Kenya too, and I feel it would be pleasure meet you. I am born and raised in Kenya. Call me George if you may. Thanks

Jenny you can write me via mail. I am within Nairobi; ***.  Thanks

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heey georgess

Hey too Jeny. Looking to meet you. Thanks, and be blessed. Feel free while in Kenya. You will learn a lot in this beautiful country.


Hey There... I'm also looking for new friends 😊

Hello, I'm also a Kenyan. I live at Kikuyu, and I would like to make friends here. Feel free to add/message me. Thanks

I am in China, can I make a friend? :d

Hi. Im Laura from Nairobi Kenya. Looking for new friends. And for a job in NGO sector. Im a graduate.


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