Steps after I found a job in Netherlands? (especially for 30% ruling)


I just found a job in Netherlands, and I only need to sign the contract and move there.

Now, my gross salary is enough for requesting the 30% ruling. I've been told that it may be important to do the things in a certain order to not have problems to get it, for instance not register as a permanent resident before getting it. Is that true?

My new company is not a multinational and is not so familiar with this process so I would like to know what are the right steps to take from here. Below a list of things I could think about:

- Get temporary residence
- I'm a EU citizen but I may need some kind of Work Permit?
- Request and get the 30% ruling
- Rent an apartment
- Sign the work contract (which requires an address)
- Get permanent residence

Did I forget something? What is the correct order to do all this?


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You're an EU citizen, so don't need a residence permit; if your Employer needs an explanation from the IND, this link will download a PDF version of a letter (in Dutch) to your computer that you can forward to your company.

Once you move to Holland, you will need to register at the local Town Hall (Gemeentehuis); when you do that you'll be issued a BSN number; you'll need that so your employer can pay your tax and you can register with a doctor, open a bank account and register a car in your name.  You should register within 5 days of arriving, but I don't think you'll get in any trouble if you're a few days late.

To hire an apartment; I'd use Google to find the agencies; one such agency is Pararius; this link will take you to their website.  To tide you over for the time between you arriving and finding somewhere permanent, I'd recommend something like AirBnB.

You will need Health Insurance, but your employer normally has a scheme you can join; I'd advise you speak to them and ask what the arrangements are.

If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic,

Thank you for the answer. So first step is to arrive to Netherlands, book a temporary place to stay (AirBnB, Booking or whatever), go to the town hall to get the BSN and then I'm ready to open the bank account, sign the contract and get a medical insurance. Right?

Then, at what point should I request the 30% ruling? After I got this and even after I rented an apartment, meaning that I already have a permanent address?

You and your employer must apply together for this; this link may help you sort this out with your employer.

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