Schengen visa in maiden name


I am hoping to travel with my wife (EU passport holder) in August to the Netherlands. We got married last month and i had to apply for a new passport to update my surname. My Schengen visa which is still valid until 2020 is in my old passport though. Will I have any issues if i travel with both passports and my marriage certificate?  Or do I need to re-apply for the Schengen from scratch?

Which nationality/ies are the passports?
I would advise having everything in your new name. It may very well cause issues at border control. Especially if your marriage certificates etc. are not in English/Dutch.
Call to be sure, but I've learned to assume the negative to be true.

South African. All documentation is in English.

Call ahead, but it's possible they will want everything in one name.
It might be nothing, but I've had a situation where someone skipped an 's' in my name and it caused me a month of headaches.

Additionally, if you do get word that everything is fine from the consulate or similar, get it in black and white.

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