Dentistry in Bahrain

I am Pakistani American, born and raised here in America. I graduated high school and am an undergraduate student majoring in Biology and plan to apply to dental school.

I have always wanted to move back to Bahrain after studies. My grandmother is from there and I have lots of family and have visited. America is over-rated and its just not where I want to settle down and work and raise a family. Bahrain's overall lifestyle and quality of life really appeals to me.

There is extremely limited information of how to become and work as a dentist in Bahrain. Is there a demand for dentists? Average monthly salary? Is opening a private practice possible in Bahrain?

Would it be best for me to do dental school here in America or in the UAE? Are UAE dental schools good?

Any guidance would greatly be appreciated!

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Do your research first on the forums.

There are lots of threads for and by doctors here.  All medical professionals are governed by NHRA and to be able to practice here, you need to go through a licencing procedure.   

There is always a demand for dentists and good doctors.  The salaries vary depending on which hospital / clinic you work in.  Yes, it is possible to set up a private practice after a bit of a bureaucratic process.

It is best to go to any medical school in the US and then come here.  There is a much higher "perceived" credibility that you get if you have foreign western qualifications; especially from the US or Canada.  Besides, the local schools are simply not of the same quality as you would get in the US.  And also, there is a huge difference in salary depending on where you qualify and come from - if you do the study here, you will be paid less vs. the US.

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

And yes I’ve searched these forums high and low but the information provided is extremely limited and lots of questions are asked in broken English that makes little sense to me.

Do you know what subjects are covered on the licensure exam? The NHRA website gives no info regarding what is covered in the exam. I emailed them and have yet to receive a reply.

Hello HIBA

It would be better do your graduation from the US.

Whichever country you graduate from, you need 5years of experience and you should Pass the License exam.  The exam covers General aspects of clinical dentistry. It's an online exam by prometric.

Thanks for the reply.

So I have to graduate dental school, work here for 5 years and then move to Bahrain? Are there no entry-level positions there?

First.. graduate as a dentist
Then practise
Then exam
Then License

Then u cn practise in bahrain

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