Import of Household goods and Personal Belongings

Dear All,

We are new on this Forum.

We will retire and move to Cambodia for many years.

We would appreciate very much if anybody in the Forum can answer the following question or has experience in that matter:
When changing the country of residence to Cambodia, are the used household goods and personal effects and belongings exempted from customs duties and taxes?

On the website of the National Department of Customs and Excise in Pnom Phen we found that "Household goods, personal effects and belongings imported by persons changing residence to Cambodia are exempted of duties and taxes in quantities determined by the Director of Customs".

What does it mean in quantities determined by the Director of Customs"? Any idea?

We will ship our furniture and household goods in a container to Cambodia.

Thank you for your answer.



In quantities means it should be really personal stuff and in normal numbers.

If you e.g. import 10 computers, 5 tv's, and furniture for a small hotel, it's not considered household goods anymore and it will be subject to import taxes.

On top realize that it says persons that change residence to Cambodia, so take care that you have a registered rental agreement, that shows your residence and is also the address of the goods sent.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Hello Jo,

thanks for your quick answer. I'm new on the Forum and think to get some useful information. Your opinion helps a lot. I hope that the shipping company knows all the details and handles everything correct.
We  have sent an e-mail to the General Department of Customs and Excise regarding the import, but
have not received any answer.

Of course we will first fly to Siem Reap to view houses and rent one before shipping the container.

I will read your articles and comments on the Forum. I think some answers of our questions can be found there.


Sorry Joe for writing your name incorrect.


Hello Harry.

Glad I could be of any help.

Emails are a sore thumb here, many companies and ministries don't answer them or answer them late.

Although Ministries and Departments are getting better at it so I hope your email will be answered soon.



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