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Hi everyone,

I am a regular traveler to Cambodia & my usual route is Bangkok, catch a train with my bicycle to Aran & ride over border with Poipet then cycle to a bus station & catch one heading to SR.

This time I decided to try the Evisa & I was pleasantly surprised with how fast it arrived. Applied Sunday evening 9pm, approved & in my inbox at midday Monday  :)

My question would be for someone who has used an Evisa at Poipet previously...

The usual VOA process is that you walk through Aran Thailand exit on the left, get stamped out of Thailand then half way down through no mans land you cross over to the right and enter the Cambodian Visa processing room ?? (whatever its called) where you hand over your passport, a photo, visa fee & usually some extra $$$ or baht to supplement their retirement fund  ;)

Then when you receive your passport back you continue down the right side to the last office before crossing into Cambodia & queue up for ever & finally get stamped - then through the gates & mobbed by 1001 touts eagerly awaiting your arrival :)

In my Evisa info it says print out 2 copies & staple one into my passport... So my question is:

Do I need to go to the first office on the left where you hand over your passport, fee & bribe or do I just proceed straight down to the last office where I get stamped out??


My strong guess is that you do as if you had a multiple entry extension.
As I have that myself I never bother about the "windows" to get a visa, I straight go to the stamping "window", show my passport with the extension in it and it gets stamped.

Note that you still have to fill out the Arrival card.

If it's busy you could use a tout to get you through the queues, they never have to wait and are served first, so give one guy 100 - 200 baht and you are out in 2 minutes. It's not corrupt, they just have priority treatment and you pay for that.

Good luck.


Thanks I'll be going through there in about a week or two so I'll try it and see how I go and report back ;)

Ackshon :

Thanks I'll be going through there in about a week or two so I'll try it and see how I go and report back ;)

Great. Always good to hear experiences "on the ground". It helps the next one in the same situation.



Evisa is extendable or not?

mudassir.bukhari :

Evisa is extendable or not?

One time for 30 days, it's a tourist visa.


Thanks a lot, Joe

mudassir.bukhari :

Thanks a lot, Joe


So it was quite an interesting day actually.

It was the quickest that I've ever done that border crossing from entering to exiting completely it was probably just over 15 minutes I was really amazed that was really quick

I arrived at Aranyphratet train station an hour early at 11:30.

I thought this  will  be good because maybe I can beat the  lunch time buses so I sped off on my bicycle and  then I thought  the train is full of people that will get to the border before me and block or the lines.

But then I thought actually they're foreign tourists and the tuk tuk drivers will try to funnel them through that fake border Cambodia visa thing so I will probably beat them all to the border and I did

Now being on a bicycle I thought I would try and ride through where the cars, trucks and motorbikes  go through which was successful, they waved me through down to the immigration check departure.

There was only one person in front of me so it took seconds and from there because I had an Evisa I  went straight down to the Cambodian Visa exit and missed visa on arrival rubbish and didn't have to pay the bribe for the weekend party fund

There was hardly anyone at the exit there were only 2 in front of me. I then started to get harassed by a tout who asked me about a taxi and he started at $35 and I said no I'm going to catch the bus and he said $30... 

No, No, no I'm going to catch the bus I'm going to ride across in find kso bus lines or Capitol and the bus will probably be $5 & the bike will probably be $5 then he said I'll do it for $20 I'll get you a driver for $20 and you can give me a $5 tip and I thought about it ...... well that's actually not a bad deal because I might not get a bus, it's late for buses now it's afternoon and I might have to wait 6 hours till night or even stay overnight....

So I thought I better take  that deal straight  away..... I don't think I would get a good enough deal like that from the other touts so I  went straight with him and got the taxi.

It was a shame really because I would have liked to have gone down to the buses to the depots and asked if they do afternoon drives to Siem Reap and what the price was...

Oh well maybe next year when I come back through again I'll do my research then.... unless I see that guy again & he offers a cheap Lexus  taxi :D

Thanks for your feedback and I can only say you did it the best way possible.

Maybe because of being warned not to side with tourists you went in and out in no time and no hassle.
One question, did some officer ask "processing fee" for your e-visa?

Then it showed that touts are not always only annoying, they can give you good offers on taxi, bus, whatever. Just don't accept their first offer. As I said before I use touts to get a quick in-and-out, I usually have my taxi pre-booked so only have to wait for the taxi.

Glad that everything went so smoothly.



Hi Joe,

$36 for Evisa. It was in my email next day.

VOA is $30 & perhaps if you pay 100 baht to visa officer then it works out maybe $33 ???

So fairly similar & for me I think worth the extra few $$$ to bypass the VOA office.

However Evisa only T tourist visa so maybe not if you want to stay long time in Cambodia

Absolutely right, E visa is a tourist visa, can be extended once for 30 days and costs $6 more than the normal T [tourist] visa. If they would "need" extra funding they would also ask you to add "processing fee", but as you did not pay any extras, they wouldn't do it with T visas either.

So $6 more for the luxury to not have to queue for the visa, just visit the Cambodia enter window and that's it.

Well done!

How to get work Visa for Cambodia from Malaysia?

You cannot.

You can only apply for a EB Business extension of stay in the country.

You first have to enter Cambodia [remember to get your Ordinary visa at a Cambodian embassy in Malaysia, as you are from Pakistan].

Then within 30 days you can apply for an extension of stay.

If you don't have job you can apply for a General extension EG for 6 months, no documents required.
If you find a job you have to change into a Business extension for max. 1 year, you need a letter of your employer with letterhead and official stamp. After receiving this extension you need to apply for a work permit, can be done on line or through an agent.

Hope this helps.


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