Opening a business in Tunis - Legality

Hello Everyone
I am a Canadian looking to start a business in Tunis
Do you know of a good lawyer that can help with setting up a business in Tunis?
Can you share your experience
Thank you

Hi grosszen.
I want to advice you.
Maybe you need someone to help you starting your business before needing  lawyers. You need someone who have experience in starting business.
Do you have a project's idea. Or not yet?
What kind of project do you want to start?
We can discuss that in private if u want ..

Company's registration is done by accountants. That is not my reply, but I wud like to know if you have been established and carry on already now.

Your experience and comments will help me to decide of registering a co in Tunisia.
Am looking for one stop shop,  no local partners , etc

Thanks in advance


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