Are there any language classes for the community (e.g. in libraries)?

I just moved to Clermont-Ferrand, France and wonder if there are any language classes for the community such as they are offered often in libraries in the US?
Or are there any other places where  I could find something like guided conversation classes or meetings?


Hi bervens and welcome to,

I suggest you to consult the business directory:Language institutions in France.You may find an institution that suits your needs.

Good luck.
Anas, team :)

Hey Barbara
I also just moved to Clermont from Canada. I havent found any language classes however I've joined a women's group called IWC. Haven't had our first meeting yet but I'm looking forward to finding others who want to improve their English as I do the same for French. I believe they have a group for that within that group.
I've also signed up to 3 weeks of French lessons in Paris with Alliance Francais.
Hope to find something local though!

thanks for your reply.
Yes, I did find the IWF as well but haven't to any of the meetings either.

From what I understood, their French classes are during the day - which is hard for me to attend as I'm working full time.
The same is true for the FEL cafe at Cafe Auguste that takes place on Thursdays at 2 pm.

I keep looking for something after work hours. Please let me kow if you hear of anything that might fit my schedule.

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