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Hello, I am retiring to Thailand at the end of this year and need to open a Thai bank account. I am next visiting Bangkok in August this year and wish to sort this then.
I am just asking for any recommendations from anyone, I won't be working to I know SCB isn't an option. I will be living in Bangkok most of the time once retired.
Also what I need to take to the bank. I am at present living with my Thai girlfriend when I visit Bangkok but I hope to start renting a Condo in early August, as I know I need an address in Thailand.
Thank you for any advice, Howard

I use Bangkok Bank located on Sukhumvit between Soi 8 and Soi 10.  I have been with them for 15 years and no issues during that time.  Its an area with many foreigners so you should not have a problem opening new account.

I brought my landlord and lease agreement. Bank of Bangkok here in Chiang Mai.
Seriously. They asked for voucher from a Thai citizen.
It worked out fine for me.

Hi Howie,

I think with your retirement visa it should be fairly easy to open any bank account here

usually the bank would require the visa document and source of your retired income (example, pension, etc)

banks with good network and English usage and also good banking application on mobile include Kasikorn, Bangkok Bank and SCB (which you do not favour)

Good luck

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