Legal services in Denmark


Legal services can be a headache when you don't have the relevant and necessary information, especially upon moving to a new country. Please share some tips regarding legal services in Denmark.

What types of legal services might an expat need in Denmark?

Are legal services easily accessible?

What are the best ways to go about finding a professional for your legal needs in Denmark? (e.g. online, yellow pages, word of mouth)?

What are the most affordable options for legal services (private, public, etc.)? Is there a range regarding fees?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi Priscilla :) it seems like you are eally new here In Denmark , Well were same :) .
Base on my experience about legal services here In Denmark , I prefer to use online method to search for a good legal services here , for me it doesnt matter if it is private or public since , here In Denmark everything is equal, the only difference is , on public services you  would pay cheaper or not at all, but private , as far as we know , private institution always ask for a payment depends on the case you  may have .
So hope I answer some of the  question you  are  confuse with ,
Overall staying here In Denmark is perfect .

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