Legal services in China


Legal services can be a headache when you don't have the relevant and necessary information, especially upon moving to a new country. Please share some tips regarding legal services in China.

What types of legal services might an expat need in China?

Are legal services easily accessible?

What are the best ways to go about finding a professional for your legal needs in China? (e.g. online, yellow pages, word of mouth)?

What are the most affordable options for legal services (private, public, etc.)? Is there a range regarding fees?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hello, Priscilla!

I guess it's important to get assistance in the following spheres: tax regulations, rules of renting an apartment, visa regulations, labour legislation.

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I suggest you follow the excellent advice of Abby above.

The kinds of legal hassles you would expect are quite low compared to the West. So you need not get too hung up on them.

The best advice that I can give is to get your visa in order, and then when you arrive, obey the law.

You will need legal services if you want to get married, get a divorce, set up a business, or want to sue someone. Other than that, you need not worry about it.

yes, there are  many kinds of legal services,including criminal law, civil law, security,commercial businiss and so on. u have many ways to contract ur lawyer, for example, by the web, ur friends introduction, and  so on.most of time u may need a private lawyer.of course ,u should pay to them .different lawyers has different the end, don't forget that I am a lawyer .
best wishes.

I'm an attorney-at-law located in Tianjin of China.
The attorney fees may differ a lot depending on the specific cases.

One thing to mention, if you rent an apartment(not hotel) in Chengdu, it  is important to register at local police station within 24 hours after you moved in. Also you need to renew the registration every time you travel back Chengdu from other countries with 24 hours.

Hi, I'm a lawyer, based in Tianjin, China.
I think it's easy to get access to legal service nowadays.
If anyone need help, don't hesitate to contact me.

Hi Priscilla,

Based on our experience, most expats in China need legal help or assistance with the following topics:

-    Visiting China: visas, registration after arrival (if you do not stay in a hotel).
-    Working in China: foreigner employment permit, foreign expert certificate, etc.
-    Living in China: residence permits, apartment rentals, real estate acquisition, disputes related to real estate, etc.
-    Doing Business in China: new business registration, tax regulations, local government laws, accounting, etc.
-    Having a Family in China: marriage certificate, baby registration, official translations, school registration, child adoption, pet adoption, etc.


However, in most cases, what makes these procedures complicated are just the language barriers. Some actions do not require any legal interpretation other than simply knowing Mandarin. ***

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