Prospects of getting a hospitality job as a foreigner in KL?

Hi there, I'm planning on moving to SE Asia soon (Malaysia/Cambodia/Vietnam in a toss-up right now, each for their own reasons), and I was wondering - I know a lot of foreigners are interested in getting TESOL/TEFL jobs, but for someone who might have loads of hospitality experience, albeit no college degree (I am currently a general manager of a major chain hotel in the states), how would the employment opportunities be for someone wanting to continue working in that field in Kuala Lumpur or Penang? Thanks!

There are occassionally senior jobs with the international chains in KL and some resorts. Penang, highly unlikely. Not speaking local and regional languages means many jobs are not available. But the only way to get an answer is to apply for positions. However, having no formal qualifications may prove a step too far for Malaysian immigration to approve a work permit.  The experience level has to be over 7 years with a technical certificate, to even be considered i.e. 5 yrs with a diploma and 3 yrs with a degree. A lot of jobs are filled by internal rotation these days. Hospitality is also a popular area for going career in Asia so plenty of local candidates and from within the region (read: low salaries)

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