Looking for friendly suggestions, regarding accomodation

Hi All,

I am not new to Riyadh as I am living here for almost 2 years.

I have been living in Bachelor independent accommodation near my office provided by the employer.

I have to shift to bring my family to Riyadh and I am looking for a 2 BHK which will 100% suit my family need.

My office location is in Ar Rimal (Thumama Area).

I am looking for suggestion as if I go for Olaya or Wazaraat, it could be far from my work location.

Also I am looking for something safe but I believe at the moment living in compound would be expensive for me to afford.

I need friendly suggestions from people, specially from Pakistani / Indian community who are working in Middle management position so they will understand what I am looking for as I am not looking for a luxurious place but only a calm, clean and peaceful place free from security and safety risk.

Feel free to elaborate in detail.


If your budget is above 40k per year than Arjan complex in Qurtaba is a good choice due to good South Asian community. It is quite close to your office

Link to location https://goo.gl/maps/ULY5c8gMLcU2

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